Mindfulness and Movement

Understanding more about ourselves is a vital step towards wellness

Alexander Technique can help you rediscover freedom of movement

Mindfulness & The Alexander Technique

Online lessons are an effective way of learning and making positive changes within the body and mind. The mindful practice of Alexander Technique can prove a powerful key to improving your wellbeing

Sound therapy

Sound therapy is the application of sound frequencies to the body and mind of a person with the intention of bringing them into a state of harmony and health

Chakra Dancing

Chakra Dancing

Chakra dancing provides you your own unique experience on a heart-centred journey through the Chakras

The Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique is an applied form of mindfulness which provides us with a valuable framework with which we can truly master our wellbeing.

With the aid of a teacher, you will develop a much deeper awareness of your body and being and begin to expose subconscious and ingrained habits which tend to aggravate and negatively affect our wellbeing.

The mindful practice of The Alexander technique unites the mind and body as one and provides you with a valuable skill base to improve the way you feel. This can be applied to any activity you take part in, be that exercise or something as simple as relaxing. You will discover that through the use of your mind that you can make profound changes both physically and mentally within yourself which is a vital key to wellness.

Through a mixture of hands on work and verbal communication, you will re-educate your body as a whole and develop a sense of lightness and joy. It is the hands-on work that makes this practice so unique. You could consider that you will be embarking on a journey of exploring the human potential of the mind in respect to your personal health. I truly believe that this is a mindfulness practice that everyone should consider and personally believe it to be a valuable foundation for movement and wellness.

During a lesson, hands-on work is combined with verbal explanation so that the student builds up an intellectual as well as kinaesthetic understanding of their improving coordination. It is common to find people are more often than not unaware of their subconscious habits that keep them from making long term changes.

Alexander Technique lessons are enjoyable and often surprising. You will leave with a sense of lightness and as your skill and body awareness improves, you will learn first to notice, and then consciously to change, habitual patterns of stimulus and response that may result in tension, pain or underperformance.

To discover more, use the contact form below or call me to arrange an introductory lesson.

Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy is the therapeutic application of sound frequencies to the body/mind of a person with the intention of bringing them into a state of harmony and health.

The human body is made up of around 70% water which makes it a very good conductor of sound. Every organ, every bone, every cell in the body has its own resonant frequency and a lovely way to think of it is that together they make their own orchestra. When there is a change in the physical or emotional body ranging from stress to injury then the body becomes out of tune. A change in any part of the human organism affects the whole being and Sound Therapy can help to balance this. Sound therapy is a very relaxing experience and can be excellent also for anxiety, stress and relaxation and it is useful and complimentary to the Alexander Technique.

It important to point out a Sound Healer is not a doctor and therefore will not diagnose or treat any specific illness. If you have a medical problem, you are advised to seek professional medical help.

Chakra Dancing

Chakra dancing is your own unique experience which takes you on a heart centred journey through the Chakras to help balance energies, relieve tension and bring you to a place of stillness.

Through the fun and flowing dance we can stimulate positive energy, or chi, through the Chakras, When this energy if flowing, we are uniting our physical body with our emotional body. Dancing with each chakra can allow us to feel different emotions and help us to become more in tune with our body and be more confident in ourselves.

Chakra dancing is a wonderful moving meditation to music and sound, it works with the intention to leave you feeling grounded and balanced and can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Dance can also be a great way to maintain and improve many of your brain functions. I love it as it allows us the opportunity work truly within ourselves rather than simply making the 'correct' shapes in classes.

About Mindfulness & Movement

Mindfulness & Movement was formed by Jeannette Hunneybell ATEmUK, AISTD ARAD. Jeannette is a qualified teacher of The Alexander Technique having completed 3 year training at the East Anglia Centre for Alexander Technique and a qualified Sound Therapist and a member of the College of Sound Healing. She is also a Chakra Dancing and Creative Meditation Therapist.

Jeannette has a background in professional dance and performance which gives her an understanding of the difficulties related to performing Arts.

About Jeannette Hunneybell

For many years I suffered periodic discomfort and stress finding nothing to provide me with long term relief. Despite regular visits to many therapies, I seemed to be tied to both regular exercise and therapy to allow me anything close to a normal life. I felt I was becoming old before my time.

Then my life changed after a shock health diagnosis of Cancer. This is when I began my 3 year life changing training as a teacher of the Alexander Technique which was quite simply the most profound thing I have ever done. Training as an Alexander Technique teacher was not my first choice at the time, but circumstances made it my only choice on my path to taking control of my own wellness and health. Despite dong many things, to date nothing touches the vital elements of the technique that are so valuable - this is why teachers of the technique are so passionate about this mindfulness technique.

After my training as an Alexander Technique teacher, I decided to continue learning and improving my diagnostic state and went on the become a sound therapist. I love the use of the sound and believe that this also is a valuable method which can help many people.

I also facilitate Chakra dancing and creative meditation, which brings me a lot of joy. We danced freely as kids, yet what happens to that as we get older? Responsibilities and the need to be sensible seems to take that element of joy and freedom away. It is a difficult modern world that we live in and the joy of the dance helps us to discover who we really are as we dance and gently work through the Chakras and begin to reconnect with who we truly are.

I am available for one to one sessions and group work in any of the modalities and would love to hear from you.

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